I was the driving force behind the entire design process of Legion Venture app, responsible for conceptualizing, designing, and ensuring its mobile responsiveness.

My multifaceted role encompassed the following:


Developed an intuitive and user-centric UX, creating wireframes and prototypes to guide the app's functionality.

Designed the app's entire user interface (UI), carefully crafting each screen and component for optimal user interactions.

Conducted extensive user research and testing to refine the design and enhance user satisfaction.


Designed and optimized the app's UI to be responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices.

Collaborated closely with the development team, providing design specifications and assets for implementation.


Took the lead in creating the app's visual identity, including defining the color palette, typography, iconography, and UI components.

Established a comprehensive design system to maintain visual consistency and streamline future development.

Overlooked the design implementation process to ensure the final product matched the envisioned design.



Through my involvement in designing and optimizing a financial app for both desktop and mobile platforms, I gained invaluable insights into the intricacies of the development process.

Key takeaways from this experience include:


I embarked on a significant learning journey, delving deep into the complexities of creating a financial app.

This journey allowed me to understand the unique challenges and considerations inherent to this domain.


Collaboration was at the core of this project's success. I engaged with stakeholders, end-users, developers, and product owners in a collaborative effort.

This collaboration ensured that every aspect of the app was finely tuned to meet the needs and expectations of all parties involved.


My role demanded that I make the app not only ready for desktop but also highly adaptable to mobile devices.

This dual-platform approach required a meticulous balance of design and functionality to ensure a seamless user experience across different screen sizes and contexts.


Throughout the project, my objective was clear:
to achieve the best possible outcome.

This meant constantly refining and improving the app, taking into account user feedback and aligning our efforts with the overarching vision of the project

In summary, my journey in designing and optimizing this financial app was marked by a dedication to learning, collaboration with diverse teams, and a commitment to excellence.

It has equipped me with a profound understanding of the financial technology landscape and the skills to deliver outstanding digital experiences.